Girl Tries to Pour Acid on Ex’s Face, Wind Blows It Onto Hers Instead

Girl Tries to Pour Acid on Ex’s Face, Wind Blows It Onto Hers Instead

A very jilted girlfriend has been burned on literal and figurative levels after trying to carry out an acid attack on her former lover, police say. Ung Limey, a 21-year-old from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, tried to pour acid on her former fiance while riding on the back of his motorcycle. He was injured, but most of the acid was blown back onto her own face.

Her ex, Leng Socheata, 23, crashed the bike after. Turns out that getting acid poured on your face isn’t exactly comfortable when driving. Ung, the acid-purer, fled the scene before police arrived, and police believe she has been treated for her burns at a private hospital. Leng’s family told police it was an act of revenge after they had convinced him to break off the relationship, the Daily Mail reports.

Although she’s currently missing, local media has been posting photos of Ung with a bandaged face that came out on social media. Apparently, she’s been arrested for jewelry theft and drug charges in the past. Acid attacks are way more common in Cambodia than they are in the U.S., but stringent new laws have seen an 80 percent reduction in those incidents. Earlier this year, someone was handed a life sentence for an acid attack. Talk about getting burned.

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