Get This #Work- Plateface Dub

rihanna work plateface dub

Rihanna has released her loooooooooooonnnngggggg awaited new album, Anti only a day after releasing the first single from it, “Work“- another collaborative effort with rapper Drake. Many have commented on “Work’s” dancehall/Caribbean vibe and its mostly indiscernible yet catchy lyrics but most of all, especially if you are Caribbean, the unfinished feel of the song.

Lucky for all, Plateface of Jamaican hip-hop group Acmatic, figured out what was missing from it- dancehall drums!

So…well…he added them and hate to say it, but it’s way better than the original.

A comparative listen of both songs will reveal that the Plateface version sounds a little more completed and legit. It starts with an air horn!

What do you think of it?

Wanna hear more? Pree Plateface‘s and Acmatic‘s Soundcloud here: and here:


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