German doctors claim to have found treatment for HIV

Possibly one of the world’s deadliest virus besides cancer, that has haunted human beings and taken much lives; HIV is the deadly virus that leads to AIDS. And for years, doctors have been researching for cure to this frightening disease, and finally a cure has possibly been found. At least they claim to have.

Timothy Brown is an American living in Berlin, and was given stem-cell therapy and chemotherapy since 2007 to treat leukemia, a condition that developed after he was infected with the AIDS virus. Three years later, doctors believe the 42-year-old has been cured of both cancer and HIV.

“Our results strongly suggest that cure of HIV has been achieved in this patient,” wrote study author Kristina Allers in this month’s issue of the medical journal Blood.

Brown was treated by his doctors with stem cells and bone marrow from a healthy individual with a genetic predisposition to resist HIV, though they didn’t mentioned the source of the bone marrow.

The treatment was not without side effects though. Brown developed neurological problems that caused temporary blindness and memory problems as well as difficulty with coordination and speech. But I guess that’s a small price to pay instead of dying in agony.

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