Gas Prices in Jamaica up $2 tomorrow

GASOLENE 87 and 90 will both rise by $1.98 to new prices of $99.45 and $101.11 per litre tomorrow, following the latest ex-refinery prices announced by Petrojam this afternoon.

Diesel will rise $1.41 to $100.83 per litre; kerosene $1.60 to $103.92 per litre; propane (liquid petroleum gas) $2.29 to $42.69 per litre and butane (LPG) $1.13 to $53.18 per litre.

Petrojam said that the rises reflect changes in the market. However, the state-owned oil refinery anticipated a future decrease following the death of Osama bin Laden on Monday and the resulting potential for increased political stability in oil producing countries.

“We hope that with what has recently transpired in the Middle East, prices will begin to trend downward and as usual Petrojam price movements will mirror market conditions,” said Petrojam in their usual weekly statement.

Marketers will add their respective margins.



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