Game Discusses G-Unit & Possible Tour With Lil Wayne

Earlier today, HipHopDX announced that The Game’s album L.A.X. was pushed back (with a similar move on G-Unit’s part). On San Diego’s radio station 93.3, The Game called in to verify the date, as well as talk about a few other matters.

Known for his name dropping, The Game explained his reasoning for listing several past great MC’s on his newest single “The Pain,” featuring Keyshia Cole [click to listen]. “My whole rap thing, my whole thing in Hip-Hop is to always educate or to take it back and pay homage, that’s what I’m all about.”

This was his first chance to get in the studio with the bay-native Keyshia Cole since his career took off in 2005. “Keyshia Cole, you know she’s from California. She is one of the dopest young up and coming R&B singers out man. I always wanted to work with her since the beginning. She’s like a little sister to me and always has been since the beginning of both of our careers.”

Of course, no love has been lost between him and G-Unit, so it was inevitable that he would throw a couple verbal punches in the interview. “I pushed his album back, I’m Mr. Interscope. I pushed his back to the 1st and then a week later on the 8th I’m gonna come behind it and I’m gonna clean up all the broken CD’s.”

He also announced a possible tour with Lil’ Wayne. “We trying to get something together now. I think me and Weezy going out this summer on the Blood Brothers tour, we gonna do all the states. Nothing solid [yet], but you gonna see Game out with somebody or somebody out with Game man cause it’s time to get back to work.”

L.A.X. is due out July 8th.

Source: HipHopDX

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