Fully Bad Give On Thanks

Fast-rising dancehall recording artiste Fully Bad built his resume with an arsenal of gangsta lyrics over the years. He has turned a new page on his latest single Give on Thanks.

Give on Thanks, produced by DJ Slow Motion from Motion Vybz Sound, was released digitally and to streaming platforms on January 28.

“Just the journey of life you know. When mi look and see where I am now and where I’m coming from mi affi give thanks. No joke. God bless me and mi grateful for it,” said Fully Bad in explaining the inspiration for the song.

He continued, “Bwoy, all a my life is an experience. Been through so many things and still deh here a survive, still a hol’ it. But mostly for my career, dem use to say mi a iron balloon and mi nah go no weh and mi nah buss, a bare gun song mi sing. The Almighty bless me and tell me keep going and a him a pave the way. So mi just a give thanks fi dat yuh know.”

Fully Bad says the takeaway message in the song is one of survival and to keep on doing what one believes in.

“The message is really to never give up and always give thanks no matter what. Tomorrow is not today and today won’t last forever. Suh just be grateful and watch Father God work out things. Remember things take time and a time do things,” he reasoned.

Give on Thanks is to be included on Fully Bad’s forthcoming sophomore album Gad a Earth, which is scheduled for release over the next few months.

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