From Negril Point To Botswana: drennaLUNA Brings International Inspiration To CFW 2011

“The calmness of the collection also reflects the calm spirit of Botswana – a truly peaceful people. This is also true to the design aesthetic of drennaLUNA…”

Kingston, Jamaica- From an impressive collection showcased at Caribbean Fashion Week (CFW) 2010, drennaLUNA is poised to present another awing collection at this year’s staging of CFW. Designer Arlene L. Martin attributed last year’s inspiration to the cathartic ambience of the little paradise situated on Jamaica’s western most point-Negril. This year, though not nestled in Jamaica, Botswana’s rich beauty and awesome presence has sparked the concept behind the collection.

Just hours after presenting her Collection at CFW 2010, designer Arlene L. Martin was on the first of four flights to Botswana. And according to Arlene, “what I read did not prepare me for my experience. The country truly undersells its beauty. The beauty I saw was in the wide expanse of land, of which I have never seen. It was in Botswana where I had one of the most memorable life experiences – a safari tour. And those images will forever remain with me, and served as inspiration for the 2011 Collection.”

The drive through the country shows the predominantly sandy colour of the land, with hints of green on the small green leaves of most trees – it was only by the riverbed that you saw lush green colours. Flying to Kasane, in the north, we flew over the saltpans – amazing expanses of white and light grey – and then over a tree-spotted landscape through which if you were lucky enough you could spot an elephant. The landscape inspired the colours of the collection: sand, off-white, green.

Silhouettes and some design details are inspired by the favourite of the animals I saw on safari – elephants. To effect the fluidity of some elements of inspiration, light chiffons will be used, while structure will also be a feature in the collection’s trousers.

The calmness of the collection also reflects the calm spirit of the Botswana – a truly peaceful people. This is also true to the design aesthetic of drennaLUNA: simple yet interesting silhouettes that accentuate the woman’s body.

The drennaLUNA collection will be available immediately after CFW 2011 at Indigo Boutique and through direct orders.

About The Designer

Arlene L. Martin has had a passion for design and sewing from as far back as she can remember. With skills that were largely self- taught, she actively took up the craft as a hobby in her late teens and over the years, her eye for detail mushroomed into something extraordinary. Arlene later sought to improve her garment construction technique and today her clothing continues to capture the enthusiasm and hearts of many. She has been regularly styling friends and family with her much sought after creations and inspired by their feedback, she decided to make a business out of it.

Currently a joint contributor to the increasingly popular Saturday Observer’s Rock the Cloth feature, Arlene Martin provides fashion tips and advice to the average woman who wants to look and feel good when she steps out. But rest assured she can do avant-garde too.

In her “other life” Arlene is a practicing business consultant who has worked on varied projects, such as for the national trade and investment agency, Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) that included being the National Consultant developing Jamaica’s National Export Strategy, as well as Kronos Investment Development.

She is a member of the Jamaica Fashion and Apparel Cluster and is a Managing Consultant and board member for the recently developed Caribbean Fashion Industry Forum (CAFIF), the region’s first fashion industry association.

About drennaLUNA

drennaLUNA, the brainchild of up and coming designer Arlene L. Martin is inspired by silhouettes. Elegant designs accentuate the beauty of a woman, while simple styles offer versatility.

The inspiration for Arlene’s pieces comes from many avenues. It could be a random creative impulse at any hour of the night or day, the trimmings in a store, an accessory piece, the client brief, or simply the fabric. Whatever incites the spark, the bottom line is the outcome. And Arlene wants her customers to feel beautiful because when they do they exude confidence and happiness.

While Arlene loves to design dresses her creativity spans a range of garments and is driven by the need to create items for most aspects of a woman’s life. from her first collection of cocktail and formal designs, Arlene has branched out into Resort as well as casuals and careers, expects to continue designing and producing a range of womenswear. Most recent introductions have been drennaLUNA Maternity and drennaLUNA Bridal, both available by custom and wholesale only.

Drenna and Luna are the Christian names of the designer’s grandmothers. Their use is a tribute to her heritage.

drennaLUNA Runway Collection, 2010, Caribbean Fashion Week 2010
Photographer: Andre Rattigan

drennaLUNA Runway Collection, 2009,Caribbean Fashion Week 2009
Photographer: Dwayne Watkins

drennaLUNA Resort Collection A, 2011
Photographer: Marc Evans


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