Former Magnum King Roughing Up The Streets

Making the transition from a talent competition to mainstream stardom is a fete that eludes most. However former Magnum Kings and Queens finalist Payne seems to be breaking that pattern having found what seems to be his break-out single. The track entitled Rough Touch is quickly becoming very popular on social media and has also become a staple on local and international playlists.  According to Payne he deliberately opted for a song targeting the ladies because he believes they are not getting the attention they are accustomed to and deserve. 

“You done know Payne is a versatile artiste but right now I am catering to the beautiful ladies because too much choppa song and gun song deh a road at the moment and I cannot afford for my ladies to feel neglected. Dancehall can’t nice if the ladies dem nuh happy so right now rough touch have dem head a way” stated Payne.  

Born Andrew Mendez, Payne says he has always had a passion for music but started taking music seriously after being bombarded by requests by family and friends who knew of his talent. The former Magnum Kings And Queens Of Dancehall finalist says he entered the competition to display his talent and a national platform as well as to learn more about the music industry. 

“Magnum Kings And Queens was a both a training ground as well as a great means of exposure because just the weekly process of gearing up for performances and then campaigning was very challenging yet fun. It gave me a preview as to what the music industry was like before I entered it professionally which I believe gives me a distinct advantage especially when it comes to stage performance” Stated Payne. 

Currently Payne is enjoying mainstream rotation for his Rough Touch single which was produced by his Howsa Payne Production label. 

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