Did Have List is no gimmick, it’s an educating floss, says flossing king Flippa Mafia in his latest tune which discusses what he labels the “did have list”. But while it appears to be just another ‘gimmick’ song, the deejay says he couldn’t be any more serious.

“I watch the people in the dancehall and see how some of them move from nothing to something and back to zero and it’s really disturbing. You can never imagine the type of money some of these artistes earn and you would be equally surprised to learn how much a dem bruk right now,” the deejay, who has taken flossing to a new level, stated.

It is for this reason that Flippa says he is on a “educating floss”. He explains that he wants the youths to look, listen and learn so that they don’t make the same mistakes of some of their ‘idols’ and end up on the ‘did have list’.

“Just take a look and see how many artistes did have this and did have that. Why they don’t have it now?” he quizzed.

“Because dem don’t floss with sense,” answered Flippa, whose flossing antics have seen him throwing money — including US dollars and pound sterling — into the crowd as he pops champagne on stage and sprinkles it around.

But, to be fair to Flippa, he has always maintained that he has set his house in order as a matter of priority and has often criticised those who own numerous pairs of Gucci shoes, for example, but don’t own a king-sized bed.

Concerning Did Have List, a very uptempo song on the Bottle Party riddim, Flippa said the idea came about purely by chance.

“We have a friend named Troy who everybody says is the meanest man around and we are always mustering him. But then Troy hit back and say him don’t mind making the ‘mean list’ as long as him don’t make the ‘did have list’. So that got me really thinking about the truth of that statement and I went into the studio and did the song for TJ Records,” the deejay explained.

He noted that so far the feedback has been positive and he swears that Did Have List is not about “throw wud” or anything negative.

“We not wishing bad for no man and we not into the ‘throw wud’. It is reality lyrics. Right now it’s all about the educating floss — not floss and show-off,” Flippa reiterated.

Source: jamaicaobserver

Take a Listen to the Track below:

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