Flippa Mafia still looking for Sting clash with Elephant Man

Unhurt after a motor-vehicle accident recently, Flippa Mafia is ready for a clash at Sting with Elephant Man.

When contacted by THE STAR, the artiste said he had an accident last Sunday while returning home from a party in New Jersey, United States.


“Mi a come from a party and I was on my phone. When mi look up, a deer run out and mi swerve. Instead of stepping on the brake, mi step pon di gas,” he said.

He added, “I crashed and write-off ma X6 but I’m gonna get a new one next week. Mi neva go hospital or anything.”

In the meantime, Flippa said he was preparing for what would be a ‘flossing Christmas’.

And, one of the highlights of the season is his appearance at Sting on December 26 at Jam World, Portmore, where he is hoping for a lyrical clash with fellow artiste Elephant Man.

“Mi a di flossing king but if war come, anything a anything. But Elephant Man don’t deserve no $5 million,” Flippa told THE STAR.

“But Laing can give him as long as the cheque ago sign over to him pickney dem when him dead a Sting. I will kill him for free.”

However, in an earlier interview, Elephant Man said Flippa was below his league and not suitable for a lyrical face-off with him. However, he said that if Sting’s promoter, Isaiah Laing, really wanted to see a clash, he would accept $5 million to do it.

Source: JamaicaStar


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