Blak Ryno is now counting his losses after his apartment was torched early Wednesday morning.

Police confirmed that the contents of Ryno’s apartment at 1 Winchester Court along Winchester Avenue, close to the intersection with Ruthven Road, were destroyed in the blaze, which began shortly after 1 o’clock yesterday morning.


“It was terrible. I heard a commotion and saw smoke taking over the place,” one frightened resident told the Observer.

“It is unfortunate that the other tenants can’t live in peace because of these deejays who fight and quarrel over everything,” the tenant said.

Police from the St Andrew Central division are investigating the blaze at the premises, for which Blak Ryno pays $60,000 monthly to rent the one-bedroom apartment, much higher than the $35,000 that most other tenants pay to live at apartments of the same size.

Source: JamaicaObserver

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