FBI Releases 94-Page File On Ol’ Dirty B*stard Linking Him & Wu Tang Clan To Crimes Ranging From Murder To Illegal Gun Dealing


The FBI has made public a 94-page file on late Wu Tang Clan member Ol’ Dirty B*stard. The file claims that ODB and other Wu Tang Clan members were involved in various crimes ranging from drug dealing, murder, illegal guns, weapons possession and car j*cking in the 80’s and 90’s.


In a post dated January 8, 2012, Rich Jones of the GUN.IO blog says he obtained the files from the FBI under the Freedom Of Information Act.


One of my hobbies is liberating government documents using Freedom of Information Act requests,” Jones writes. “The FBI’s FOIA policy allows you to get the file of anybody who is deceased, so I filed a request to get all documents mentioning Russell Tyreese Jones, aka Ol’ Dirty B*stard, aka ODB, aka Big Baby Jesus, member of the Wu-Tang Clan hip hop collective, who died in 2004 of an accidental drug overdose, a lethal mixture of cocaine and the prescription drug Tramadol, a synthetic opiate. The FBI responded with 94 pages of police reports, court proceedings and news clippings, which cover an assortment of crimes perpetrated by and against ODB.


The documents indicate that Bloods gang members were used in some instances as enforcers for the Clan.





Robert “Pooh” Johnson, a one time Wu Tang Clan affiliate was murdered on Staten, Island New Yorkon December 30, 1997 with a gun that was allegedly illegally purchased in Stubenville, Ohio by someone associated with the Wu Tang Clan. According to the FBI file, Johnson’s unsolved murder was ordered by someone within the Wu Tang Clan.





Affiliates that demonstrated loyalty and proved to be trustworthy were given recording contracts.


According to these papers, ODB was arrested more than 15 times on charges that ranged from resisting arrest to injuring a child, as well as assault, the attempted murder of a police officer, refusing to pay child support and being a felon in illegal possession of body armor.





ODB was himself the victim on violent crimes.


He was shot in the stomach in 1994 following an argument with another rapper. And in July 1998, ODB was shot in the back while being robbed of money and jewelry at an apartment in Brooklyn. The bullet entered his back and exited through an arm. He left the hospital nine hours later, before being cleared by doctors at St. John’s Hospital in New York.


Several weeks after the 1998 shooting a man was shot to death in Ohio, and ODB was pulled over nearby. Police found guns in his car but he was never charged with the crime.


On January 15, 1999 OBD was involved in a shootout with New York City police.




To read ODB’s full FBI file go HERE.


SOURCE: thisis50

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