Fabigeez Gives His Mother and other Mothers Worldwide a Musical Gift 

Toronto-based reggae and dancehall recording artiste Fabigeez has given his mother and other mothers worldwide a pre-mother’s day music gift. This gift comes in the form of a heartfelt song appropriately titled “Mama” which he describes as a tribute to his mother as well as a gift to all mothers of the world. The witty and melodic artistes says he has always felt the need to pay tribute to universal life-givers in song but felt now was the ideal time to do so and upon hearing the riddim provided the words flowed instantly.  

” The moment I heard the beat the only thing that came to mind was all the sacrifices that my mother made to ensure that me and my siblings had a chance for a good life and it literally took only a few minutes to put the whole song together because the words flowed from my heart. Every real youth love and cherish dem mother suh me know seh the impact ago great but either way cheers to all wonderful mothers worldwide” Stated Fabigeez. 

The St. Mary native has been steadily climbing up the musical ranks in Canada having made his way onto several mainstream playlists as well as cameo performances at several Reggae and Dancehall shows says he is busy building his brand globally as well as staying true to his core values which entail making a positive contribution to local and international music. 

“At this point in music it is about putting out good music and being a person who the youths of today can look to for guidance and inspiration. I do not worry too much about running the place because I am focused on not only entertaining the youths but also showing them a better outlook on life” stated Fabigeez. 

Currently, Fabigeez is busy promoting his Mama single.  

fabigeez mama

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