Extreme Makeover “Bad Bitch Edition” – @Dormtainment

Bad Bitch [bah – bich] noun;adjective – A basic female who depends on her womanly parts to gain access into high profiled settings.

Location: A bad bitch can usually be found on Instagram, club flyers, and common popular cities like South beach, L.A, New York and everywhere else rappers and ball players chill.

Example 1: I’m a bad bitch and I don’t play”

Example 2: I’m a bad bitch and I run [insert city here].”

Example 3: “I wanna try out for the bad girls club”

Not to be confused with a “Bad Woman” or “Classy Lady” who doesn’t depend on anyone but herself and her own intellect to make it in life.

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Song at 6:50 – 6:59 Produced by DJ Michael Ortega Titled Sad Piano.

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