Exile Di Brave “To The Foundation” LP (2016)

Exile Di Brave To The Foundation 2016

The past year has been a very busy and eventful period for Reggae artiste Exile Di Brave. From producing to engineering over promoting events and touring locally and internationally Exile Di Brave was versatile en route. However, being true to his nickname, Mr. Multitask surely finds the time to deliver a brand new project to his audience. Just returning from his 2016 Europe-Spring-Tour he is ready to release a thing called “To The Foundation”.

“To The Foundation” is a 12-track compilation including one bonus dub track. In this unique project Exile Di Brave records over authentic Jamaican instrumentals with atmospheric songs and fresh lyrics. The sounds of the 1960s, 70s and early 80s, created in remarkable recording studios by some of Jamaica’s greatest musicians and producers, take the listener on a journey back in time and space to the islands most meaningful & memorable musical heritage sites. The selected instrumentals are taken from Studio One, Channel One, Treasure Isle and Rockers International just to mention a few major record labels.

Below you can find an exciting visual EPK in which Exile Di Brave illustrates the reasons and concepts behind the compilation of songs as well as his personal vision of commemorating, maintaining and keeping Jamaican music culture spirited and vital for future generations. Let yourself be taken away to another musical journey with Exile Di Brave.


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