Eve Wants Kim To Back Off Of The Beef With Nicki Minaj "I Need Her To Stop"

The Lil Kim vs Nicki Minaj beef has been cooking for months with no end in sight. Both ladies have taken shots at each other on wax and Twitter. Who’s winning the war would depend on who you ask, but there’s at least one person who would like to see the feud end.

While out in the UK for the Gumball 3000 road rally, Philadelphia rapper Eve spoke with BBC Radio 1xtra host Tim Westwood about the beef and the need for more females in the game.

“You know, it’s definitely a nice group of females that’s out representing, but because I come from hip-hop, I need more females in hip-hop,” said Eve. “Nicki definitely is holding the flag down, and a lot of people be wanting me to hate just because that’s how girls supposed to do in hip-hop, but I’m loving everything she does. But we need more females, man. There’s too much testosterone in the hip-hop game.”

When asked directly about the situation currently going on between Kim and Nicki, Eve had this to say.

“I need her to stop. If I was Kim’s friend, I’d be like, yo. ‘cause she’s Kim, period. So she never has to feed [into the beef]. She shouldn’t. It’s bad. It’s not a good look,” she said. “If I was her friend, I’d tell her, yo, just come back bigger and better. The best way to get at people is to do you better than you’ve ever done you. So that’s it.”

After a long hiatus Eve has been making her presence felt recently with guest appearances with Ludacris, Alicia Keys and frequent collaborator Swizz Beatz.

It’s expected that she will be releasing her fourth solo album ‘Lip Lock’ sometime this year.

Information from MTV was used in this article.


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