Escape From Babylon With Jane Macgizmo

Jane Macgizmo Babylon

Babylon music video premiere promises to captivate audiences and take them on a journey to personal freedom

Kingston, Jamaica – Singer, producer, songwriter and model – Jane Macgizmo is on the verge of releasing the music video for her crowd favorite single, ‘Babylon‘. The video, long awaited by fans premieres Monday, February 15, and promises not to disappoint. Jane candidly acknowledges that her video is an artistic rendition of her song and it stuns with its filmic quality and story like interpretation. “These visuals will make the song more relatable as it really speaks to being able to escape the pressures and expectations of society, which has been a struggle of my own” says Jane. Babylon’s video truly captures the enticing and rebellious nature of Jane’s unique voice and style and is set to cement her position in the industry as ‘the new Jamaican sound…one that will leave you wanting more’. The video is set to cause buzz for the upcoming Jamaican-female artiste as she gears up to release “new music with a fresh approach“.

Since its release, ‘Babylon’ has had steady traction on Soundcloud and has now reached 20,000 plays, a figure Jane garnered independently. Fans have expressed their love for the song as it gives them motivation at the start of their days. According to many of her fans, “I listen to this song everyday.”

Listen Jane Macgizmo ‘Babylon’ below:

With two songs released on her own and two years under her belt in the entertainment industry, it’s clear that she is no ‘plain Jane’. During this time, Macgizmo garnered knowledge, experience and has developed as an artist both vocally and stylistically, playing with and further enhancing her unique sound. Her new approach to music is sure to elevate her to success in the music industry by addressing more universal and relatable topics. This video, she hopes, will increase her audience so her new songs may be received on a wider scale. She does all this while gaining support from additional heavy hitting names in the industry.

Patricia Meschino of Billboard, puts it this way, after hearing her first single, “Black Skin

“I look forward to Jane developing her very distinct vocal texture. The atmospheric “Black Skin”, with its universal themes of temptation, restraint, and especially empowerment has the power to connect with a market far beyond her Jamaican birthplace.”
– Billboard Contributor, Patricia Meschino

With her new knowledge, development and a grounded team behind her, Jane Macgizmo is set to take the music industry by storm. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of the next big thing out of Jamaica?


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