Erick Sermon Breaks Down Music from Kendrick to Future with Sway

When music legends step into Sway in the Morning respect is always given, with an introduction only Sway can create we were blessed by the presence of Erick Sermon.

Being a part of so many incredible projects and being a true student of music, Sermon runs through the list of current artists and what they mean to the game. From Kendrick and J.Cole providing story-telling and content to Future and Fetty Wap providing unique melody to Drake and Meek Mill bringing back the rap beef. We get Erick Sermon’s uncut take on everything from ghost writing to song credits as he tells us stories he’s never told before about being credited on songs and the writers behind some very famous verses.

To pull everything together Tracey asks Erick about the current mind-state that rap is a young mans game. Speaking from his incredible experience and love of the art, Sermon proves that he makes music because he loves it and feels no need to conform to sound younger.


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