I admit to being puzzled initially by the choice to make “I Need A Doctor” the second single/video for ‘Detox.’ But after listening to the interview below with Dr Dre and Eminem it makes much more sense.

In the video Eminem raps over an Alex Da Kid produced track about how Dre saved his life at the beginning of his career, and how he wants to return the favor by bringing Doc out of the coma he’s in due to a car crash.

“The car crash I think is just metaphorically speaking, feels like Dre’s been in a coma, and like me and hip-hop are trying to wake him up out of his coma,” Eminem told Extra.

It does seem like the wait for ‘Detox’ has been a very, very long one. Eminem thinks it’s time for that wait to be over.

“The reaction I wanted was to spark him even more than he’s been sparked lately. And kind of push it further to get him to finish the album,” Em added

Dre says it worked, giving him that last burst of creative energy to get it done.

“That’s what it did. He was like, ‘Yo, come on, let’s go! Let’s get it.’ This is what he was saying after I heard the song,” Dre said. “It’s weird because that’s how I started feeling last night during the making of this video, kind of feeling the rehabilitation and everything. It just really feels that way.”

Now all we need is that release date.

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