eMC Talk Their Return W/ New EP ‘The Turning Point’

The highly lyrical rap crew eMC sat down with VladTV Journalist Michael Hughes to discuss their upcoming musical projects in the works. Punchline, Wordsworth, and Masta Ace all shared details on the EP they’re releasing, “The Turning Point,” and how it consists of “6 bangers” with 12 tracks altogether when you include the skits on the project.

The crew also discussed the single they currently have out called “Charlie Murphy,” and explained their motivation behind making the song.

eMC has tours coming up as well. In the summer they’ll be touring around the U.S., then in the fall they’ll be taking their talents to various locations in Canada, followed by a month-long European tour.

If you have yet to see the video for their new single, “Charlie Murphy,” be sure to check that out above.

“The Turning Point” drops May 20.


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