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Eazy-E’s Former Artist: He Got AIDS Through Acupuncture Needles





Conspiracies surrounding Eazy-E’s death have become a popular subject after the release of “Straight Outta Compton.”

With that being said, the late rapper’s former artist, Frost, has decided to share his theory on how Eazy contracted the AIDS virus. In this exclusive clip from the upcoming documentary “For The Record: The Story of Latinos in Hip Hop,” The West Coast entertainer said Eazy-E underwent acupuncture after injuring himself in an ATV accident, and ’til this day he believes the needles were intentionally tainted. “I’ma tell you what happened with Eazy getting AIDS and I believe this to the day and I believe this to this day. I don’t care if you guys got it on film. You can tell the world. They gave him tainted needles with acupuncture. Needles that tainted him, they gave it to him.”

The clip also shows Frost shedding light on the person he thinks orchestrated the ordeal. “What happened was that someone, I won’t say the name, but people know the name…If you know the history of rap, West Coast rap, you know who I’m saying.”

He then shared his disbelief of Eazy dying so soon after his diagnosis. “How else could somebody die that fast to AIDS?” Frost ponders. “Have you even heard of somebody dying in two weeks of AIDS? It’s unheard of. It’s like, I’m in the hospital. I contracted the AIDS virus. Two weeks later, March 26 or whatever, I fall out and I die.”

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