Durex Releases Vibrating Underwear, Contolled by iPhone App

Durex has announced the launch of a new line of vibrating underwear for both men and women called the “Fundawear“. Fundawear lets your partner controls the vibrations via an iPhone app.

Durex is calling it “the future of foreplay” and a way to “touch over the internet.” Available in brief’s for men and a bra and panty set for the ladies, all designed by an Aussie fashion designer, Billie Whitehouse, who helpfully explains her “fashion meets foreplay” process in the video.

The iPhone app (“way more fun than Angry Birds,” claims Durex) shows you a map of your mate’s erogenous zones and allows you to control exactly where and how hard they feel the vibrations. Watch video above that shows an Aussie couple getting some action with the garments.

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