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Already a household name known best for elegant and comfortable women’s wear, drennaLUNA was impregnated with inspiration and has ‘delivered’ a maternity line that will have the mom-to-be glowing and feeling beautiful. Designer, Arlene Martin, has struck genius again with her smart, stylish designs that can be accentuated to turn up or downplay the elegance. The knit designs are ultra comfortable, weather friendly and are flexible enough to be worn post pregnancy.

So what was the inspiration behind drennaLUNA’s Maternity Line? According to Arlene Martin, she was surrounded by family and friends who were pregnant and she thought it well to design clothing that would best meet their needs during pregnancy. So, she designed clothing that would be durable, expandable, and more importantly FASHIONABLE. Her family and friends fell in love with the designs and encouraged her include it in her fashion line; she did. Her inspiration mushroomed into the newest line to be offered by drennaLUNA.

The designs are certainly not traditional, boring and bland as we have become accustomed to. Instead, they are lively, fitting with clear emphasis on detail. Pieces from the Maternity Line are available in a range of vibrant colours such as royal plum, yellow etc, as well as shades of grey, white and black.

drennaLUNA Maternity is available by ordering at the Indigo Boutique, 5A Barbican Centre, Kingston and Elegance Boutique, The Whitter Village, Montego-Bay.

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