Drake got caught up in the moment during a surprise performance with reggae artist Mavado at Brit Jam 2011, a weeklong festival held on Fantasy Island, in Montego Bay, Jamaica last week. The Toronto native’s set was cut short after addressing the crowd with “indecent language,” according to the local law. At the performance, Mavado, who starred in Drake’s ‘Find Your Love’ video, brought out the rapper for a special guest appearance. The ‘Thank Me Later’ creator was reportedly told to refrain from using foul language, but unfortunately he didn’t heed the warning. As Mavado welcomed Drake to the stage, the rhymer greeted the crowd with, “Everywhere me go, me seh Jamaica to the blood clot world.” In Montego Bay’s rule book, the word “blood clot” is the definition of “indecent language.” “Jamaica is very strict [about it’s no cursing policy],” Andrew Anguin, Brit Jam’s Marketing Manager, told XXLMag.com. “The officer just asked [Drake] that he not curse any more. He was just passing through. He wasn’t slated to perform, so he just stopped. He wasn’t in any trouble. He came off the stage and that was that.” In the past, Montego Bay authorities have charged high-profile performers like Snoop Dogg and even Jamaican acts like Sean Paul for using profanity. According to sources at the Brit Jam festival, Drake’s bodyguards removed him from the stage to avoid getting arrested. Drake is currently an artist-in-residence at Jamaica’s luxury resort, GeeJam. Artists ranging from Gwen Stefani to Amy Winehouse have visited the location to combine retreat with recording. Source:Theboombox

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