Don’t Sell Out Jamaica – Save Goat Islands 2 – Extended PSA

In August 2013, the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) revealed that China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC), had selected the Goat Islands as their preferred site for a proposed transshipment port, part of a larger plan for a ‘logistics hub’ in Jamaica. These two small islands lie about 1.5 km off the south coast of Jamaica within the waters of a large, open and shallow bay called Portland Bight. This bay and the lands surrounding it form part of the Portland Bight Protected Area (PBPA), created in 1999 under the Natural Resources Conservation Authority (NRCA) Act. PBPA is Jamaica’s most protected area of land and sea (1,876 sq. km). Hundreds of species of plants have been found in PBPA and several species of animals have been found that exist nowhere else in the world. The area is protected under four laws, has two forest reserves, six game sanctuaries, and three fish sanctuaries

We call on the GOJ to…
• Respect and adhere to the national plans and national and international laws for the area
• Conduct a cost-benefit analysis of the options for other locations
• Make public the plans for the proposed port
• Conduct a Strategic Environmental Assessment of the proposed port to assess all likely impacts
• Involve all stakeholders in the decision-making process

For more information on Goat Islands, PBPA and how you can help, visit

Don’t sell out Jamaica – Take a stand for our island – Save Goat Islands

A big thanks to all who made this production possible…
Jon Williams (music)
The fishermen and friends of Old Harbour Bay, especially Omar Banton, Shawn Banton, Herman Coley, Paulette Coley, Sandra Nembhard, Janice Russell & Owen Squire
Frame by Frame Productions

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