Documentary: French Montana “Born to Win”

In just under a month, French Montana will be releasing his first full-length album in three years, MC4. The Bronx rapper, who’s featured in XXL Magazine’s inaugural digital issue, invited the imprint to his Calabasas residence for his new documentary, Born to Win.

During the 17-minute video, French spoke on his serious Muslim belief and it playing a role into success of his career – as well as keeping him away from the negatives of the streets. Although he’s not proclaiming to be the most positive person walking the earth, he touched on being able to sleep with a good conscious at night, which is something most in his line of work fail to do.

He soon addressed Donald Trump generalizing ISIS with all Muslims, and broke down how the militant group commits majority crime on their own people. Before things concluded, he spoke on the recent passing of Chinx and how his incarcerated brother Max B is a once-in-a-decade artist.

Watch more from the video above, where he talks previous relationship with Khloe Kardashian, as well as an upcoming film he executive produced that stars Chris Brown and Michael K. Williams.

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