The cover says it all ‘so easy even his dog can shell it’. Dj Shine is back on the scene and is ready to punish all who had doubted or had the slightest negativity about his mixing prowess because right now some persons are eating…their words.

The young and talented Dj has reminded us all that he is the best at what he does and that is mixing. He effortlessly rises to claim the coveted first place spot, pedaling past all who thought they were in his league and proving that he is indeed, a cut above the rest. The dj claims to have the formula and he is never more correct, as this is evident with JUGGLING. This mixtape , and I don’t know how he does it; is intense, offering 46 minutes and 20 seconds of uncut party vibes from spoogy’s introduction right through to the end, no faltering, no flaws just straight juggling. This mixtape is what the industry needs right now, a word of warning though the mix is not focused on recent hits, nor is it retro nor throwback, this is juggling.

If you have watched the movie 300 or heard Zj Rush’s intro on zip fm then u know that I just said that in my this is sparta voice. Following the dj’s facebook page ( feedback on the mixtape has so far been great as fans wrote: “this is what u call real juggling shine” , “mixtape a guh hard mi woulda dumb if mi nuh talk” and “you really are an amazing dj, keep up the good work, mixtape is superb …you’re the best”.

It seems that Dj Shine will be looking towards a very promising new year after ending 2011 with a bang, With only two months remaining in 2011 lets see if Dj Shine has any more surprises in store and if he can attempt the impossible of outdoing himself.

To book Dj Shine for your event:
contact: 876-857-2145 or 876-860-2306

To download your copy of Juggling click on the link below:
Juggling Part 1 [2011] [Tracked Version]
Juggling Part 1 [2011] [Single Version]

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