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In a society where we crave entertainment and the demand for it is high, DJ Naz has emerged as a bonafide disc jockey that is ready to show the world what she has.

DJ Naz

Naz has always had a love for music and this was portrayed in her studies in studio engineering in her former years. In 2006 she was a part of an all-female group called Chemical X in which she was the ‘mic girl’.

However, her professional career as a disc jockey did not begin until 2009 when she entered the Heineken Green synergy competition. It was here Naz got her big break, being dubbed by local media as ‘Jamaica’s history baby’ as she was the first female to have ever entered the competition in its history. Naz finished the competition in third place, an experience she describes as “overwhelming and exciting.”

“Although I wanted to win, I was really happy that I went as far as third,” Naz, who is the daughter of musical greats Joy White and Don Taylor, expressed.

Pursuing a career in the music and entertainment industry seemed a hard task but Naz would not be deterred-and so she entered the competition yet again in 2010.

“I thought it was taking the shape of a reality show and it would have been fun, so I entered again,” Naz said. She described the second time as being more challenging than the first and although she came third again, she was thrilled about meeting disc jock great Grandmaster Flash.

Green Synergy opened many doors for Naz, as it created an avenue for her to show Jamaica what she could do. Being the sole woman in the competition did not frighten Naz, as she said, “it wasn’t about male or female, it was about who could bring it and who couldn’t.”

Her skills on the wheels of steel throughout the completion were undeniable that of class as she outshone many others. Her versatility on the turntables as well as her effervescent personality has made her a hit amongst promoters since her Green Synergy appearances.

Naz has been busy working hard to push her career to the highest heights, playing at a number of events and releasing a number of mixtapes – all of which are free on her website.

Source: Brandon Allwood & Associates Ltd

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