Dj Karyzma is hoping to further extend the heat this summer, with is recently released mix tape, titled ‘PEDAL TO THE METAL’ a catch phrase in a popular track by hip hop new flame Wiz Khalifa, and appropriately so, as this mix tape is certified ‘Hot’, by all who has given it a listening ear thus far.

Dj Karyzma now a household name and a promoters choice Disc Jock, after much fan anticipation has lived up to the high expectations upon release of the volume of his mix. How so? Pedal to the Metal lives well within the expectation of quality mix, solid track selections, varied genres even though a predominant Hip Hop and R&B, as well as interesting sampler choices. The support of the industry is also reflected in the ‘confirmation’ by celebrities highlighted on the mix, and this will no doubt help to catapult his career to higher heights.

Pedal to the Metal which is geared towards the crossed genre listenership, both locally and more so internationally, can relax and party to 1hour and 30mins of smooth and exciting hits after hits.

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