It not everyday an individual can make the successful transition from one field to another, more so a demanding skill such as a Dj to and even more tedious skill as an artist. However Dj G$Money aka Mr.8000 Aka Mr.Twitter Dat, a native of Queens, U.S.A. has moved from a pre-school turntablist to Technique 1200’s.

A strong follow up to his club banger ‘Yuh know Dis’ ft Gossyp, G$Money recently released ‘Queens and its Crazy’ Ft Vic Damone, such as been the response from the collaboration that G$Money felt the need to shoot an official video. The Video which hosted a very successful release party over the weekend in Queens, showcases the Talents of Vic and G$money, coupled with the street nature and social standards of the now existing entertainment scene proving thus factual ‘Queens And Its Crazy.’

The video is presented in a very dramatic mane and storyboard, with an introductory audio and visual piece and their fore progresses on to a true to life hip hop vid, the cut aways are effortless, energetic, exciting and angle shots keep your eyes focused throughout.

Watch Video Below:

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