Digicel blings with Ming at Bacchanal

An attractive décor is one of the party aspects which Bachannal Jamaica seems to always have down pat.

This year there is the not-so-little green man or green figure – or outline, to be more exact – dancing on the massive Matterhorn iceberg in a left corner of the Mas Camp, New Kingston, to the large plastic cash vault located just below it. Add to those the extra large bottle of Appleton which sits near one of the bar areas and the wonderfully decorated booths by sponsors Smirnoff, Digicel, Matterhorn and Appleton.

The Digicel ladies bring it on, Ming style.The Chinese theme is maintained inside the booth. - Contributed photos

The booths’ impact is made even stronger as they vividly depict a theme, so there is Smirnoff’s Russian Palace and Digicel’s Ming Dynasty. The Appleton Rum and Matterhorn booths are also well done.

Still, one of the eye-catching standouts is Digicel’s set-up. On the exterior, Digicel’s 2011 Bachannal theme of the Ming Dynasty era is effectively brought across through the beautiful design of the booth itself, while inside the décor of both floors is striking. Upon entry, one steps into a sea of red, the effect created by the light emitting from Chinese lamps hanging from the ceiling. Upstairs is just as eye-catching, as calligraphy scrolls, lamps, a large fan and a gong are part of the Chinese décor there.

The booth’s appealing design was conceptualised and executed by Event to Event Limited. Peter Green, managing director, told The Gleaner that a considerable amount of thought and planning was invested. “We spent about seven working days going through several different concepts before we came across the one that we finally decided to use. We are very satisfied with the end result, because a lot of times when someone puts something on paper the finished product is not as you would like. We were also limited in space, seeing that we were sandwiched between the Smirnoff and Appleton booths, and we had a much more elaborate roof design planned, but despite that we are very satisfied with the end result,” Green said.

Digicel’s senior sponsorship manager, Shelly-Ann Curran, is pleased with the Bacchannal crowd’s reaction to the booth. She said: “As a proud sponsor of Bacchanal for the past 10 years, we always seek to improve upon the experience for patrons each year, and the Ming Dynasty theme allows us to continue that tradition. The Ming Dynasty era theme is infused in all our activities around Bacchanal, with our Ming Dynasty-designed booth being the most prominent. Week after week the booth continues to buzz with customers either redeeming their prizes or just enjoying the bigger, better Bacchanal vibe with Digicel.”

Source: jamaica-gleaner

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