Diddy’s Entourage Stopped By Customs For Excess Vodka

Diddy is a self-proclaimed Francophile: with an album titled ‘Last Train to Paris’ and premium vodka Ciroc attached to his famous name, you’d think he’d be riding around in a striped shirt, by now, baguette in tow. But it’s precisely this French fascination that recently got the hip-hop mogul and his crew into trouble with customs at Nice’s Cote d’Azur airport last week.

According to the NY Post, Diddy’s entourage was traveling through French customs on their way to accompany the rapper (who was not with them at the airport) to several events at St. Tropez area nightclubs. Diddy, who has a $100 million promotional deal with vodka maker Ciroc, had instructed his crew to import several cases of the hard-to-come-by liquor to his upcoming appearances in the Riviera.

But as an unnamed source tells the Post, French customs officers confiscated several amounts of the product because they only allow 1 liter of spirits over 44 proof per traveler. Diddy’s people were bringing in 80 proof bottles that came in 750 ml and 1.75 liters. Fortunately for Diddy, the incident didn’t mar his current tour for Ciroc, as he was said to have reveled with the vodka in hand at a party on Friday (July 29) at club Gotha in Cannes.

Whew! Crisis averted … But wait a minute — what happened to all those confiscated bottles of vodka?



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