Did Wiz Khalifa Play Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape During His Concert?

Over the past few days, Wiz Khalifa has sent plenty of shots at Kanye West during a number of shows in South America. The shots stemmed from Kanye’s initial Twitter rant last week, where he called out Wiz for various things, and even brought Amber Rose and their kid into it. This led Wiz to go off at his shows towards Kanye, but there was also a rumor out there that his crew played Kim Kardashian’s sex tape during a show.

Well, according to Wiz’s official DJ, DJ Bonics, they did no such thing. “Wiz did not play a Kim sex tape over the weekend during a concert…Can’t believe you guys believe this stuff…Lol,” he wrote on Twitter. It’s unclear how or where the rumor originated from, but Wiz has yet to address it on Twitter. Both Wiz and Kanye have projects coming out in the coming weeks, so the issues between the two of them are sure to remain a hot topic going forward.

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