Diamond – The Young Life (Diary of Diamond) Chapter 7

Crucial Flix Elite Cinematography presents Diamond, Miss 32 Flavors, in The Young Life Diary of Diamond Chronicles Chapter 7!

In this webisode, Diamond finally gives us some of the flavors we have been quenching for by taking us behind the scenes on set of her music video “Reality Check!” Our #TeamPrettyBitch CEO reveals a few things on the side of a hill while eating a banana, turns up multiple clubs across the United States of course, shows out skills in an elevator, mingles with Trina, werks photo shoot in Hollywood with singer Dani Ivory and much more!

Anytime you think Diamond not working her game you done get it fu*ked up like to the point you really need a “Reality Check” which you will receive this coming September as Diamond reveals in the new webisode!

On a serious note though, Diamond really shows her passion for what she does in this Chapter and gives her all to #teamdiamond!

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