Di Genius denies 'fighting' young artistes – Producer guards instrumentals by voicing on them

stephen di geniusAlthough a number of persons have been saying that producer Stephen McGregor is ‘fighting against’ young artistes by voicing gibberish on the instrumentals of some of his recent rhythms, the producer says this is not the case.

On two of his recent releases, ‘Street Swag’ and ‘Winnings’ rhythms, Stephen McGregor voiced over the instrumentals instructing people not to use them without his consent.

In the case of ‘Winnings’, that was released earlier this month, he sang, “no man caan voice pon mi instrumental/ No man to mi rhythm again/ No man to mi version/ No man caan voice voice pon mi track after a nuh rehearsal/ No man to mi rhythm dem.”

This move has not gone down well with some people.

“Genius a fight young artiste. Mi naa lie da idea yah mad fi have yuh signature all ova yuh riddim but wah happen to di youth dem weh nuh have money fi pay and voice a tune and jus’ a try inna di streets,” someone commented on YouTube.

But McGregor said this is far from the truth.

“In everything that I do I get backlash. Nuff people seh is me fighting young artiste but it is nothing like that,” he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

nothing new

He also noted that the practice is nothing new as it was done as far back as in the 1960s.

“Dem haffi know that it’s something that’s been going on from before my time,” he said.

McGregor explained that he decided to voice on the instrumentals after finding out that people have been using his rhythms and even going as far as using his name.

“A lot of people always take the instrumentals and voice songs on it. People send out the songs saying it’s produced by Stephen and it go out there with my name on it. People even put out CD with my logo, contact number and email address. It’s bad for business,” he told THE WEEKEND STAR, noting that he does not always release the instrumentals for the rhythms.

“Not all of them are bad, you have some people that do good. But I can lose my credibility because my name is on there and it looks official.”

In the meantime, McGregor said both ‘Street Swag’ and ‘Winnings’ rhythms are doing well.

“The reception is great. Dem a run the streets, so mi just a continue keep it up,” he said.

The producer said he was also working on Chino’s album that is scheduled for release in March. In addition, he said he was working on a host of songs and rhythms, which he was reluctant to name.

Source: JamaicaStar

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