Dexta Daps Sound A Like Sadekie Lennox Shows Diversity

5Stars recording artiste Sadekie Lennox has been steadily growing in popularity in local and international music markets of late especially considering the obvious similarities in style and sound to fellow dancehall artiste Dexta Daps. Many musical pundits have questioned whether or not he is actually imitating his fellow artiste however Sadekie Lennox says his sound has always been the same and while noting that he does respect Dexta Daps says he does not need to imitate any artiste. 

“I am a complete artiste as such I have no interest in or need to copy any artiste. Dexta Daps is a great artiste and at times I can hear a similarity in terms of our tone however that is natural and not a first in dancehall. As time progresses the world will get to know my sound more and more but I will put it like this, It is an honour to be compared to such an amazing artiste” stated Sadekie Lennox. 

According to Lennox from as early as the age of 7, he knew he didn’t just have a voice, but instead, he believed that he had a God-given talent as a singer/songwriter. Coming from a Christian background, Lennox started singing for audiences at the age of 14. The singer/song writer also participated in many other activities that helped further his love for music. Not only was Lennox the lead singer in his church choir, he was also a vital part of the community drum core, St. Jude’s Marching Band, where he played the side drums.  At the age of 18 years old, Lennox started working for the government of Jamaica as a Correctional Officer. It was during this time that he befriended two young coworkers, who were also singers. The correctional facility, much to Lennox’s surprise, was equipped with a recording studio. He embraced this opportunity and began getting familiar with being in a live studio after which he was signed to the USA based  5 Stars Recording label. 

Currently Sadekie Lennox is gearing up to release the highly anticipated music video for his buzzing Diversity single which is enjoying daily radio rotation locally and internationally.  

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