Devin Di Dakta Is Ready For Sting 2015

Devin Di Dakta

Dancehall deejay Devin Di Dakta said he is ready to ignite the stage at Sting 2015 on Boxing Day.

The artiste is still reeling from a successful year highlighted by his win in the 2015 Magnum King of the Dancehall competition.

“For Sting 2015, fans can expect an electrifying, energy-filled and lyrical performance from Devin Di Dakta. The fans will hear the hits and new songs that are rocking the radio and the dancehall,” Devin said.


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The artiste is quite upbeat about being added to the Sting line-up.

“Sting is, no doubt, the greatest one night show on earth, so for me to be on this line-up means the world to me. It is a show that I have always watched over the years, and always wanted to grace that stage, showcasing my talent. So It’s a great opportunity for me, and I surely will make the best use of the platform that it provides,” Devin added.

Devin has been making his presence felt at stage shows across the island. Ghetto Splash was an event earlier this week, which highlighted his new-found fame.

He spoke about his career achievements in 2015.

“One of the biggest highlights for my career in 2015 is being on Sting and also to be featured on Sly and Robbie’s album, ‘Reggae Power 2. I recently did some work with Robert Livingston of Big Yard Music, and that’s a good look for me,” he said.

Devin is known for songs including Gal a Run Mi Down, Rri Bang Bi Deng Deng and Honda Bike among others. His newest releases include Gal a Bubble, Gwaan Bad, and Forever More for Big Yard Music.

Fans can check out Devin on social media for the latest updates, performances and appearances at:

Instagram: @devindidakta or @shellyanncurran


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