Deva Bratt ends club tour with a bang in Amsterdam

Krucial Konflict recording artiste Deva Bratt completed the final show of his European club tour with a high-energy performance at the NDSM nightclub in North Amsterdam on Sunday night.

“It was a great show, mi shell it down wicked, they loved the Gussie Clarke song, it come in like it just soak in over foreign. Mi and Lutan Fyah gwaan good, Protoje was there as well, it is a good look fi reggae-dancehall music, the art form is global,” Deva Bratt said in a release.

The Bundle a Gyal deejay had extended his European tour after an ultra-successful club tour of The Netherlands a month ago. After initially doing three gigs, promoters contacted them for a couple of other shows in other European countries including England. He did the last of those added shows on July 31, and returns to the island this week.

The deejay will be releasing a new single, Stay Fly, on the Frequent Flyer rhythm which dancehall insiders say has great crossover potential. Other singles to look out for are Never Ask Har and Wid Mi Gun which have been getting good hits on YouTube. Deva has also been doing some work with producer Richard ‘Chicken’ Dawkins of RPR Productions. He will also be voicing for a number of other local producers on his return including L.I.N.K.S Production.

“I gained a lot of invaluable experience on tour in Europe, and I have been experimenting with some new deejay styles and sounds, so when I return ah mad ting. I have been communicating with producers on bb and via the Internet, and I have a couple of mad demos, Krucial Konflict ah go step things up fi the rest of the year,” Deva Bratt said in the release.

Deva Bratt, whose real name is Sheldon Smith, once the frontman for the Portmore Empire, is known for the hit single, Bundle a Gyal,and top-five hit, Gussie Clarke (Bag a Talking) on the Gear Box rhythm.



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