Despite Elephant man Diss, Flippa Mafia says…'Is jus' music'

Elephant Man and Flippa Mafia are the latest dancehall artistes trading insults in songs, but Flippa says it is nothing serious and they are still friends.

Questions were raised when Elephant Man released a song called People, which is directed at Flippa Mafia and his ‘money-throwing’ ways.


In the song, Elephant Man says:

“People, unuh waan mi nil him?/ Unuh fi seh nil him/ A mi house, a mi business weh a running a dat a bun him/ Bout him a Mafia, da claffy yah/ People, unuh run him/ Bout yuh a dash weh money/ Yuh shoulda shame when a capture yuh madda capture piece a land pon the lane/ So wha happen to yuh babymother weh yuh lef a suffer/ All yuh sister weh live a Waterhouse inna di gutter/ She and yuh father a fight over dumpling and butter”.

Elephant Man goes further and accuses Flippa Mafia of ‘informing’ on several people so that he did not go to jail. He also calls Flippa Mafia a ‘sell-out’.

When contacted, Flippa Mafia did not seem upset about Elephant Man’s song.

“Him do a song fi me, so me do a song fi him. Controversy sells,” Flippa told THE STAR, in reference to his newest song Talk Di Truth.


In his song, Flippa deejays:

“Mi nah fi kill Elephant Man because him done dead already/ a five years him have fi live/ Yuh a talk bout dumpling and butter/ when yuh need it fi di 20 pickney whe a suffer/ Elephant, yuh caan style me/ nuh you drink and drunk and wake up wid he-she?”

He said Elephant Man’s song stemmed from a song he did recently. In the song, he said, “Some man have big house a bare dog live inna it.” This seemed like a direct jibe at Elephant Man, as he is known to have many dogs.

“Mi give him the song fi mek him do a counteraction but him do a whole song bout it. Him go O D (overdo it), so mi haffi defend myself. Me and him all right. Mi and him a still friend. Him deh pon mi show next month. Mi nuh tek it personal, so mi hope him nuh tek it personal,” Flippa said, while noting that his show, Philly Summer Fest, will be held on September 7 in Philadelphia, United States.

THE STAR made several efforts to get in contact with Elephant Man; however, calls to his mobile phone went unanswered.

Source: JamaicaStar

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