Kingston, Jamaica: – “Once the sun goes down, summer love ain’t always gonna be around”. True words from the up-and-coming artiste Denyque, who is fast becoming a sensation with her soulful Rhythm and Blues/Dancehall, tracks. Now summer is barely over and the track Summer Love is already destined for the top of the charts.


Now, Denyque officially announces the release of two new singles, Juggling Hearts and Hooked On Me. The songs are already popular with local radio stations and internet music lovers, but Denyque is ready to kick it up a notch. Both Juggling Hearts and Hooked On Me are available for purchase on iTunes. Supergirl and Not What I’m Used To which were released earlier are fast becoming anthems for females everywhere.

“Each time I get ready to put a song out there, I get really nervous. It’s a feeling that I can’t explain, almost like I can’t breathe,” she said laughingly referring to her first hit single Can’t Breathe.

“These two new songs I think are really great, and people are already showing me lots of love and support for them and I am so glad people love them and I’m happy to announce that all my songs are officially available on iTunes,” Denyque smiled.

‘Supergirl’ as she is often called, has been extremely hot this summer being in the studio with a number of producers working on different projects, including opening for veteran songstress Nadine Sutherland on a one-month tour. An experience she says has taught her a lot.

“Touring gave me the opportunity to work on perfecting my stage craft, execution and delivery, and understanding various audiences,” says the singer.

Since she returned to Jamaica from that tour, Denyque has ripped performances across the island – from Tuesday Nights @ Village to Digicel’s Reggae Sumfest Talent Stage. Now, the singer is preparing for a possible tour of North America and Canada with Nadine Sutherland. Both women are managed by veteran entertainment industry professional Jade Lee.

Since her debut video Summer Love premiered on local television a few weeks ago, the clean, high-definition video has done the work. Also available on iTunes, Summer Love is enjoying much airplay especially since the release of the song’s official video, which is currently in heavy rotation.

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