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It’s a collaboration straight from the creative minds at Washroom Entertainment, and ready to make summer 2011 fun!

Featuring Jamaica’s supergirl Denyque and the effervescent Ding Dong, the new single called What You Like is now officially released. This is the first time both artistes are working together on a track.

“I love this song so much. Big up to Washoom Entertainment! Ding Dong is so great to work with too. The chemistry in the studio was just amazing, and that made the song easier to record and bring to life,” Denyque said.

The singer’s manager, Jade Lee, offered that all the parties involved in the single will be throwing their full support and weight behind promotional activities.

“There are really big plans in store for this song. You can look for the video very soon as well!” Lee exclaimed.

Ding Dong, is also excited about the possibilities of the single, and hinted at what the video would entail.

“We’re gonna do a video for this song and in it, just expect the unexpected. It’s gonna be fun and happy and a little bit mischievous. Just watch out for it.”

Download the song here!

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