DeJ Loaf – Off The Top Lyrics

Now get er done
Off the top
Yeah, yeah
Ayo why you killing these ni**as man

(Verse 1)
Bad bi**h
I say center fold
I ain’t got to toke guns
That’s why my ni**as for
And they gon pop a ni**a dead in the street
Got no asses when the feds taking pics
Ni**a tripping, money dead on my list
My ni**as tripping, that’s a bed, that’s your bi**h
Pu**y shaking, getting head in the crib
That’s how I live, money thousand on my chit
Got college tuition on me, I’m school
Nas and Belly ni**a, that’s my move
Tommy buns, house so white
Making players, why Keesha want to fight?
Calling shots, got me feeling all right
Keep pushing, yeah the pu**y tight
You can’t get it when you see them bite
She ain’t your friend, she f**ked your man twice

(Chorus 1)
That bi**h ain’t nothing but a hoe
That bi**h ain’t nothing but a hoe
I said that bi**h ain’t nothing but a hoe
That bi**h ain’t nothing but a hoe

(Verse 2)
That bi**h ain’t nothing but a hoe
Your ni**a ain’t nothing but a scrub
Anybody I had, I let them fall in love, with me
Ni**as making threats
Why worry bout it?
Who’s going to lose something
I ain’t worry bout it
I’m the realest in this s**t
I’m for sure about it
Ni**a try me, I hope you got insurance bout it
I got on all this silk
Bi**h, I’m body, body
Oh, Like I’m here, baby
I’m from Detroit, I swear this is my sport
They wonder how I got it
I ain’t really have a choice

I was broke
It wasn’t no joke

(Verse 3)
She got me crying, she got me stressed
I had to get fear off my chest
My Grandma wasn’t a hoe
Same…got a rep
I Walked around the game
Like boy I f**ked the ref
Chopper boy I miss you
Rest in piece to Dext

(Chorus 2)
Swear these ni**as hoes
Swear this ni**as hoes
I said I swear to God these ni**as hoes
All they do is run their mouth

(Verse 4)
What the f**k I look like?
Ashanti, foolish?
Get money, save money
I ain’t Jewish
I might be off the handle
Got the
Are you stupid?
Blow bi**h, move it
Get the f**k out the way


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