As if Beenie Man does not have enough to deal with, the mother of his five-year-old son, who lives in England, has decided to air her grouses about the deejay over the popular Internet site, YouTube.

In a video entitled, ‘Beenie Man, mother of child responds to his lies’, posted on September 19, the artiste’s babymother responds to what she calls the lies that Beenie Man has said about her in an interview with British radio host Chris Goldfinger. The Chris Goldfinger interview was posted on YouTube on May 24 this year.

It was previously reported on, that Beenie Man was expected to attend court in the United Kingdom to deal with a child support case brought against him by Shezal Laing. Ms Laing is said to be the niece of popular Sting promoter, Supreme Promotions chief executive officer, Isaiah Laing.

In the interview, Beenie Man discusses the pending court case and acknowledges the child.

Beenie states: “Mi get a son a England, zeen, but mi know bout him now … mi neva sign him birth paper or nutting … but di government a seh mi owe child support. how can I owe child support if I neva pronounce dis kid as my kid?”

‘Crazy woman’

‘The Doctor’ goes on to call Laing a ‘crazy woman’, who is asking for £150,000 pounds in child support. According to Beenie, he is not a deadbeat father but believes the amount requested for child support is too much.

In a five-minute clip posted by Shezal Laing, pictures are shown of Beenie with her son, as well as pictures of herself and the child. She questions the artiste’s integrity, accusing him of manipulating the press to his advantage. She brings up Beenie’s marriage to D’Angel and the pictures with Beenie and Bar-Bee that were published in the papers shortly after his marriage.

One big mix-up

During the video, Buz Luhrmann’s Wear Sunscreen is played, as the remarks of the child’s mother are shown on the screen. Laing wrote: “He (the child) will have one good, loving parent and he will never, ever need you … you love the mix-up, your life is one big mix-up – I do not … but now you are coming to my country, doing interviews and spreading your lies, enough is enough.”

Laing continued: “The five years that my son has been alive, you haven’t mentioned him… now it’s all over the ‘net and in the papers that you are a deadbeat dad you want to spread your lies about him … whenever you get any bad press you go to the media with your lies and try to manipulate the public’s perception of what is really going on and try to make them feel sorry for you.”

Pay what you owe

Laing implies that neither she nor her son needs or wants Beenie Man in their lives, saying that Beenie Man has had her fighting in court for child support for five years. She ends the video by saying: “Pay the money you owe me and never, ever mention me or my child again.”

When contacted, Beenie Man’s publicist, Ray Alexander, told THE STAR that the artiste was currently in New Jersey for a show. According to Alexander, he has not seen Laing’s video and could not comment on it.

Source: Jamaicastar

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