Daylyt: Jay Z’s Probably F***ing Solange on the Low

Battle rapper Daylyt recently say down with VladTV and shared his thoughts on the state of Beyonce and Jay Z’s marriage, saying he honestly believes it’s more of a business deal and that Jay likely doesn’t even touch her unless they’re onstage or in the public eye.

Jay & Bey aren’t the only ones Daylyt questions. He also brings up Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s relationship, saying he doesn’t even understand how the two of them met. The Watts rapper also questions how Swizz Beatz went from having a happy family with Mashonda to marrying Alicia Keys.

When asked about the recent photo of a baby who looks just like Jay Z, Day believes it’s possible for the infant to be Jay’s son, just like he thinks 2Pac look-a-like Demario Brown has to be the son of ‘Pac as they look way too similar.

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