Danjay Valiant Ready For The Fast Lane

Spanish Town based deejay Danjay Valiant says he is ready to fight his way to the top of the local and international music scenes. To many the notion of becoming a recording star may seem daunting however in the eyes of this young lyricist it is a battle that must first be won in the mind. 

“Dancehall is like a very diverse battlefield as such to excel one must first understand what your challenges are. Getting quality producers to record you is the first challenge, getting exposure for your talent is the next challenge and proving to the people that you are worthy is the biggest one. Once one understands the process then its a matter of execution so right now me done do di maths and medz the way forward so at present it is about executing the plan as effectively as is possible” Danjay Valiant stated. 

The St. Jago High school graduate says based on the current feedback since the release of a cluster of new singles including Fast Lane, The Beast and Hangover the once elusive big break seems to be just around the corner.

“The song dem a do well underground and that is very encouraging because as a dancehall fan separate and apart from being an artiste i know that once the street accept you it is just a matter of time before the wider society does. I have quite a few songs buzzing in the street so with time and hard work I know I will get out there in a major way” Stated Danjay Valiant. 

Currently Danjay Valiant is gearing up to release more singles as well as promoting his current tracks such as Fast Lane, Hangover and The Beast

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  1. I am very happy and proud of what you accomplished. You are an amazing Arist I love your flow of music. You are a fighter, Hardworker. I enjoy listening to your music keep them coming. Don’t stop ur very talented keep reaching for ur Goal ur blessed. Bigg upp Str8 Cookinggggg …….

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