Dancehall Star Erup Calls For Unity

Kingston, JA (HDP Ent) – Kevin Saunders better known as Erup first exploded onto the dancehall scene with the 2007 smash hit ‘Gyal a Run Dem Head’ which was swiftly followed up by his infectious anthem ‘Click Mi Finger’. When it comes to penning catchy lyrics in which the world can relate to, Erup continuously achieves this.

Emerging from a three year hiatus, Erup blazed into 2010 with the club banger ‘Pop the Bottle’ produced by Digiplay Records producer Ricardo Bailey. This year Erup is back with his latest masterpiece, another Digiplay production ‘Unite My People’. The song featured on the ‘Tearz Riddim’ also includes artists Faydra, Jahbert and Dadi-P, new members of Erup’s Fully Govern team.

Erup and Faydra are currently on a two month European tour _where they are spreading the message of unity amongst the various countries such as Greece, Italy, England, Switzerland but to name a few. When asked about the progress of the tour so far, Erup stated _”It’s a joy to be here, Europe is a nice place. ‘Click Mi Finger’ is still doing big things and the fans are feeling my latest singles such as ‘Unite My People’ and ‘Pop the Bottle’.

“We all are on the Journey, only love can bring us through, and if today you are still down, hope tomorrow will be good for you!” – ‘Unite My People

The timing for ‘Unite My People’ could not be better placed as the billboard charted artist endeavours to extend the message for world peace and unity amongst the nations. The Fully Govern collective are also keen to spread this profound message to countries such as Libya, Tunisia and Japan.

With the national elections looming in Erup’s home country of Jamaica, it is no secret that they have a history of being extremely volatile. Whilst the Fully Govern members are not affiliated with either political party, they strongly believe that songs like ‘Unite My People’ will help bring people togetherand lessen the divide between the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and the People’s National Party (PNP).

Erup has high hopes that ‘Unite My People‘ will not only be a huge hit but one with significant longevity in which corporate Jamaica will lend support to.

Unite My People‘ is available now on iTunes.



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