Dancehall Needs More Stars and Less Artistes

PR King Karl Durrant says dancehall needs more recording artistes with international appeal and more structural support to maintain a sustainable place at the top of world music. The publicist who has represented over 77 artistes locally and internationally over the past 14 years says many of the emerging talents need artiste development in order to grab and keep the attention of the international audience.

“Dancehall has many artistes but very few have genuine star quality and that is the limiting factor not the type of riddim they choose to voice on. Issues such as image, stage performance, songwriting, interview techniques and good public relations are often ignored which is why the space has so many one hit wonders” Durrant stated.

The publicist says he plans to shed more light on this issue in his upcoming music marketing book entitled “Da Formula” which is slated to be released this summer. The young veteran also outlined that the fact that many artistes tend to part ways with their management team after gaining traction is also a major limiting factor.

“Too many artistes are pennywise and pound foolish and that limits their development which ultimately restricts their global appeal. The artistes that did well on the world stage all had local and international management teams which spent years to develop their skill level, image, selling points and brand to international standards. However most of the current crop becomes overly hype once a local buzz is created and as such settle for peanuts while the foreigners get rich off our culture.

Currently Karl Durrant is busy working closely with a slew of artistes whom he believes has what it takes to impact the world stage. He is also adding the finishing touches to his debut book entitled Da Formula which is slated to be released late July. 

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