D Major – Real Know Real (Official Music Video)

Watch D Major new music video for “Real Know Real”, directed by Swiss (SKS Ltd.)

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, to a single mother, Damian Codlin a.k.a. D Major grew up in a middle class household listening to his mother’s R & B and Reggae collection of vinyl.

Childhood memory, experience and recollection include the very first day Damian seeing a celebrity, King Yellowman, at a local supermarket and reaching the point where he started his music career by being a lead vocal of Q-T (Quality and Toughness), a quintet, while attending Calabar High School.

After exploring his career as a member of Q-T, unsatisfied with their lack of success, it was his time to launch his solo career in 2005. He adopted pseudonym “D Major” which he describes that “D is the initial of my first name and Major was given to me by a friend of mine because Major is a musical terminology and it is more uplifting than Minor of course” and he smiles.

D Major’s first authored material ‘Tell Me Who’ which was produced by a prominent guitarist Ernie Wilks. And the song goes like this “…in the beginning, everything was fine with us, don’t know how come, cuz we weren’t so serious, but now that’s all in the dust……”

His musical influences are Sam Cooke, Beres Hammond, R Kelly and Stevie Wonder. Yet, D Major has his own artistic style; which features cross over between Lovers Rock, Reggae, R & B and Soul. You can’t ignore the fact that his style has also given D Major recognition as a fashion icon.

In recent month, Jamaica’s The Gleaner own tabloid STAR wrote “D-Major is now more than a great voice on a record; there is now a handsome face to go along with it. With that in mind, it’s no surprise then that his latest video has been creating such a buzz for the braided singer, who in addition to a voice that makes the girls swoon, also possesses a lean, athletic body that his female fans yearn to get their hands on.” D Major indeed is a star.

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