Crips Gang Member Confronts Lil Wayne As He’s Leaving The Supperclub In Hollywood

Lil Wayne attended Mack Maine’s birthday party at the Supperclub in Hollywood, California On Tuesday, July 29, with rumored girlfriend Christina Milian.

As the Young Money CEO and Milian made their way to their ride a Crips gang member approaches the vehicle and yells Wayne’s name. Wayne pokes his head out of the vehicle for a second to see what was going on before his security closes his car door.

Security held the guy back long enough to clear a path for Wayne’s car to pull off, but he continued to talk. He identifies his set, tells the rapper to “check in,” and disses Suge Knight and Birdman.


“Magic n*gga, 87 Gangster n*gga, Crip,” he says while punching the car. “F*ck Suge n*gga, it’s Crip. N*gga’s can’t say sh*t. You can call who you want to, Birdman…anybody.” Wayne, Suge and Birdman are known Bloods gang members. Weezy didn’t bother to respond.


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