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Kingston, Jamaica: Half Way Tree LIVE, the newest and best in Jamaican entertainment will be launched at the Nelson Mandela Park in Half Way Tree on Monday, December 13 through to Sunday, December 19, 2010. This venture has caught the attention and support of various renowned creative arts development groups in Jamaica. These groups include performances by Edna Manley College of the Visual & Performing Arts (EMC), Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JARIA), Area Youth Foundation, Poetry Society of Jamaica, Sounds of Life, Root Cause’s Seh Sup’m and new kids on the block Manifesto|JA.

Half Way Tree LIVE

In endorsing the event, Michael ‘Ibo’ Cooper, Vice Chairman of the JARIA, said “ Half Way Tree Live is going to be a space that everyone will be able to come and experience the Creative Industries in Jamaica in all its authenticity and splendor. It will be a good place for the youths coming up in the industries, especially those studying in the arts to get a feel of live performances and what it takes to be great at it. That’s one of the reasons why the Edna Manley College signed on to this great event and even greater opportunity to showcase our culture.”

Manifesto Jamaica is a non-profit organization working to Empower Jamaica’s youth through Arts and Culture. They aim to provide a platform and the resources needed to advance the growth of the arts as a tool for social and economic change, on the individual, community and national levels. The executive board combines the energies of young Jamaicans – all under age 30 – which defines it as an initiative that is truly FOR THE YOUTH, BY THE YOUTH. Manifesto Jamaica’s goal is to expose, educate and empower the society with the riches of our culture. Lesley-Ann Welsh of Manifesto|JA states, “HWT Live is our first public event since our inaugural Festival of Art’ical Empowerment (October 2010), and we are thrilled by this opportunity to contribute to this effort to revive and rebrand the Nelson Mandela Park, and by extension, Kingston’s capital. We can’t wait to show off the wealth of young talent we’ve exposed in the past year. ”

The Area Youth Foundation, which has been in operation since 1997 and has made it their duty to harness the creativity of youths from depressed communities, is also excited about the project. Shelia Lowe-Graham reiterates “Half Way Tree LIVE is the perfect place to show young and developing talent from our youths. Working with many talented youths from the inner cities over the years and seeing what NSWMA, Nanook Enterprises and the Wright Agency was doing, I was oh too happy to be apart of it.” The Area Youth Foundation is a charitable, non-governmental organization that has been changing the lives of young people and building bridges of friendship between the divided, marginalized communities of Kingston for over thirteen years.

Half Way Tree LIVE is a must for this Christmas! Come and experience Jamaica the way it used to be and the outstanding performances from talented Jamaicans “like you’d never believe”. Performances at The Cotton Tree Theatre (Main Stage) include Ken Booth, U-Roy, Professor Nuts, Lovindeer, Anthony Cruz, G-Whizz and Oneil Peart. Up coming artists and an array of other entertainment such as dub poetry have a chance to shine on the One Side (Developmental Stage) for the nightly audiences But that’s not all, there will be the Pickney Pen and story-telling for the children, Food Village featuring food demonstrations by Grace Kennedy Company Ltd. and the Craft Village for all your local goods. Half Way Tree LIVE will be open every day from December 13 to December 19 from 6:00pm to 10:00pm.

Half Way Tree LIVE is being brought to you by Nanook Enterprises Ltd. The Wright Agency Ltd. and The National Solid Waste Management Authority in association with The Kingston & St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC), JAMPRO, LIME, Grace Foods Ltd, The Jamaica Business Development Centre (JBDC), The RJR Group of Companies among others.

Half Way Tree LIVE

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